Japan Packaging Contest 2017 GOOD PACKAGING

Outline of Japan Packaging Contest

The Japan Packaging Contest is held every year under the sponsorship of the Japan Packaging lnstitute with the aim of promoting development and spread of high-quality packages and packaging techniques over the country.
With the five major features shown below, it is the nation’s greatest and most influential contest in this field.

(1) GP Mark for Superior Package

The contest is intended for determining the highest level of the Japan’s current packaging technology. The year’s best packages are selected in view of materials, concepts, techniques, design, logistics, Sales promotions, ideas, environment, suitability and various other functions. All prize-winning packages will be permitted to use the GP mark representing their excellent quality.

(2) All Good Packages to be Exhibited

All packages winning awards in the Japan Packaging Contest will be displayed in “Japan Production & Packaging in Daily Life 2017” to be held in fall of 2017.

(3)Excellent Examples of Appropriate Packages

In each product category, particularly excellent or highly improved products will be selected based on judgement on whether they are designed thoroughly for users’ sake, consistent with functional requirements, small in surplus space, weight and cost, and compatible with resources and laboy-saving requirements. In the category of transportation, importance is also attached, in addition to the above criteria, to systematization which can contribute to the modernization of physical distribution.

(4) Covering from Design to Logistics

Ranging from individual packaging to outer packaging, the contest covers all types of packaging, including consumer packaging and transport packaging. “Covering from design to logistics” is the contest’s unique and most important feature.

(5) Entry for Asiastar and Worldstar Contests

The packages winning awards in the Japan Packaging Contest will be admitted to the Asiastar Contest which will be held under the sponsorship of the Asian Packaging Federation ( APF ). Furthermore, selected packages will be permitted to enter the Worldstar Competition sponsored by the World Packaging Organisation ( WPO ) for the competition with packages from various countries all over the world.


Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry Award

『Non-Stick pastry side film (By TOYAL・ULTRALOTUS)』

Director of General, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

『World’s First and Japan’s Lightest Bottle Cap Made from 30% Plant-Based Materials』

Director of General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

『Engine assembly packaging specification improvement』

President of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award

『A Series of “Putiloid®” Boxes』

Chairman of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Award

『Gift package for sake cup “TATEYAMA”』

President of Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development Award

『Packaging improvement of the large sheet metal parts “high ace roof”』

Japan Package Design Association Award

『Improvement of usability of small size cans for seniors』

President of Japan Marketing Association Award

『Meiji THE Chocolate』

Japan Graphic Designers Association Award

『Super Nikka Assort Box』

President of The Accessible Design Foundation of Japan Award

『Healthy Kitchen ZERO Plus 0 carbohydrates Roast ham/additive-free uncured bacon』

Consumer Associations Award


President of Japan Packaging Institute Award


Good Packaging

Technical Packaging Award

『Carbon fixing Package at incineration』

『Gusset Pouch with Handle “Bottle Gusset®”』

『EP-PAK orucut/torucap』

『SEA BREEZE BodyShampoo A Cool&Deodorant SEA BREEZE SuperCool BodyShampoo S』

『Corrugated Fiberboard Cool Box』

『Reduction of Packaging Size by the High-Performance Molded Pulp』

『Triangle partition structure for product inclination』

『Improved work and reduced environmental burden by reinforced cardboard』

Appropriate Packaging Award


『HOUSE Salt & Pepper Seasoning』

『Hexagonal Sleeve for Japanese Yam』

『300ml Coke 0201-style DIETBOX』


『Packaging design with three functions from one cardboard flat plate』

『Returnable box of all plastic』

『The packing box of the S-integral series / NYC-Si series multifunctional business telephone which can shorten the clearing-up work of an empty box』

Packaging Idea Award


『One-Shot-Scrap Packaging』

『Pet gift box to transform into a Cat House』

『Cheers to Niigata Tochigi (6 large bottles) BOX』

『Bag in box capless type』

『Octagon carton for two watermelons “KADONEYA”』

『Battery Book LR20&LR14, LR6&LR03』

『A arched side type returnable box for plates』

『White belg “korokoro” stocker』

『In-process carrier tray of a hydraulic pressure equipment part』

Package Design Award

『Suki Switch ittekimasu sunscreen』

『Ayataka 525ml Tea Cup design PET Bottle』


『Simplex and high quality printed, easy-to-open gift box』

『Package set for taste comparison of three types of Fukushima rice』

『Sony Future Lab Program N Package』

Accessible Design Packaging Award

『Beauty Bouquet』

『Improved cap for S&B Mustard』

『Packaging configuration for NINLARO® capsule 2.3mg, 3mg and 4mg』



『muo Body Wash Refill』

Logistics Award

『Plug tray GP pad』

『Packing improvement box of the roll urethane foam』

『Carton in ten bags of cut vegetables for Costco store』

『Converting quartz glass wooden packaging to hiple』

『Roll Suspended Packaging』

『Palletized Load Container』

Food Packaging Award

『Kotoka・Awayuki・Pearl white premium package』



『Meiji Amino Collagen』

『Tactile Packaging』

『Rewarding dining through slow cooking』


『Croquette take out packaging for Calbee Potato』

『OHGON NO AJI plastic bottle(360g・480g)』

『IDP Sandwich Bag』

Confectionary Packaging Award

『Package for DUNLOP Tire Valentine』

『Twin-Cup Dessert “Rich-sause plus”』


Beverage Packaging Award

『Nihonsakari Namagensyu 200ml Bottlecan』

『Kirin Hyoketsu® Premium』

『Weight reduction of returnable glass bottle with Ceramic coating (500ml)』

『Meiji Oishii Gyunyu 900ml』

『Spout with an inner plug that opens up when the cap is turned in a Single Motion』


『“MITSUYA CIDER” with label having high biomass degree』

Cosmetics Packaging Award

『AUBE couture / gradationeyes』






『Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE LIP GLOSS』


Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging Award

『Package with Once Opened Indicatior』

『Kovaltry® Cartonbox』

『The Long Bottle type of Ammerz NEO』

Toiletry Packaging Award

『Rose of Heaven FORTUNE』

『JILLSTUART surprise love hand cream』

『Segreta Hair Styling Oil』

Daily Necessities and General Merchandise Packaging Award


『660g large-size bottle for SUPER NANOX and HYGIA』

『S gakubako』

『CuCute CLEAR Foaming Sprayer』

『Folding portable bag in box “TATAMUKUN”』

『Dent Health SP Medicated Toothpaste』


『Racket package for table tennis of seven kinds of common use』

『Design for Living life (Bioré u & Resesh)』

Gift Packaging Award

『Wagashi-No-Natsu-Gift (Summer Gifts of Japanese Sweets)』

『CROWN MELON gift box “BLACK ”』

『MIKAKUTO cororo packaging』

『Masamune Suwariage Ippin exterior box』

『“Happy Merry Christmas Tree Shaped Gift Box”』

POP Packaging Award

『Easy Open and Speedy Display Carton “Sakutto Open”』

『Fall prevention display box with paper spring』

『2-Step Easy Open Box for FamilyMart collection “Natural Water ―Tsunan”』

『525PET × 24 Simple Open Box(TOP)』

『Hawaiian Open Display Box』

『AXE Hanging Display』

『“Coca-Cola 500PET” Quick Open“Display Carton”』

Transport Packaging Award

『<The box which begins the story with consumers>Box to sell a health food by mail order』

『EPS Bottle Cushion Case』

『A new No staple case for greengrocery that sealing can even fully loaded』

『J1-BOX for flower vase』

『Easy to assemble with twin ruled lines ~Easy moldable box~』


Electric Equipment Packaging Award

『Walkman A series package (hybrid printing utilizing digital printing)』

『Package of overhead projector』

『Package for Ecocute (hot water storage tank)』

『Easy storage case of “satellite communication type video conference equipment”』

『Full of devices for cardboard fixing cushions』

Industrial Packaging Award

『Eco-wave partition for Small LCD Monitor』

『Improvement of LED Lighting Fixture Packaging』

『Package with sliding partitions for round shape products of various thicknesses』

『Easy Handling Cushioning Box for Precision Instruments』

『Improvement of top board packaging』


『Stabilizer link assembly packaging specification improvement』

『Buffer packaging for industrial PC』

『High capacity vacuum formed tray for G4 Solenoid』

Large-sized Equipment Packaging Award

『Returnable Packaging Container for Water Heater』

『New returnable eco package for multi-function printers』

『Reternable cart for apparel』


『TB-Cargo + TC-UT』

『Packaging optimization by customized hand-carry wagon』

『Rotation Wagan』