Japan Packaging Contest 2018 GOOD PACKAGING

Outline of Japan Packaging Contest

The Japan Packaging Contest is held every year under the sponsorship of the Japan Packaging lnstitute with the aim of promoting development and spread of high-quality packages and packaging techniques over the country.
With the five major features shown below, it is the nation’s greatest and most influential contest in this field.

(1) GP Mark for Superior Package

The contest is intended for determining the highest level of the Japan’s current packaging technology. The year’s best packages are selected in view of materials, concepts, techniques, design, logistics, Sales promotions, ideas, environment, suitability and various other functions. All prize-winning packages will be permitted to use the GP mark representing their excellent quality.

(2)All Good Packages to be Exhibited

All packages winning awards in the Japan Packaging Contest will be displayed in “TOKYO PACK 2018” to be held in fall of 2018.

(3)Excellent Examples of Appropriate Packages

In each product category, particularly excellent or highly improved products will be selected based on judgement on whether they are designed thoroughly for users’ sake, consistent with functional requirements, small in surplus space, weight and cost, and compatible with resources and laboy-saving requirements. In the category of transportation, importance is also attached, in addition to the above criteria, to systematization which can contribute to the modernization of physical distribution.

(4) Covering from Design to Logistics

Ranging from individual packaging to outer packaging, the contest covers all types of packaging, including consumer packaging and transport packaging. “Covering from design to logistics” is the contest’s unique and most important feature.

(5)Entry for Asiastar and Worldstar Contents

The packages winning awards in the Japan Packaging Contest will be admitted to the Asiastar Contest which will be held under the sponsorship of the Asian Packaging Federation ( APF ). Furthermore, selected packages will be permitted to enter the Worldstar Competition sponsored by the World Packaging Organisation ( WPO ) for the competition with packages from various countries all over the world.


Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

“aibo Package”

Director of General, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

“FANCL Mild Cleansing Shampoo & FANCL Body Wash - Moisturizing -”

Director of General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

『“Uncrushed” cushioning partition using the springiness of cardboard』

President of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award

“Multifunction Cardboard Material”

Chairman of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Award

“Kuntou Premium”

President of Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development Award

“Improvement of Package for Fan-propeller of Commercial Air-Conditioner Outdoor Unit”

Japan Package Design Association Award


President of Japan Marketing Association Award

“Two ‘Sealed Eco-friendly Bottles’ Made of PET resin”

Japan Graphic Designers Association Award

“Smart Holder”

President of The Accessible Design Foundation of Japan Award

“Tablet Scatter-proof Card (Tablet Catcher)”

Consumer Associations Award

“Reseal Cup Fujicco Tukudanikobachi”

President of Japan Packaging Institute Award

“XYLITOL X-Assorted Bottle”

“Japanese Rice Gift from IWATE”

Good Packaging

Technical Packaging Award

“Mesh In Cup”

“Light Shielding Paper Cup”

“Clinical Trial Dosage-recording Package (Your Manager)”

『Pouch with Three-dimensional molding “Cool Shock®”』

“Silcot Wet Wipes (pure water, non-alcohol disinfecting, alcohol sterilization, 99.99 sterilization, disinfection)”

“Package for transportation of thin-skin mini tomato, Kinuko Hime”

“Export Packaging of a Surgical Microscope that can be Unpacked or Carried in by One Person Despite its Heaviness”

Appropriate Packaging Award

“PET Bottle for Beverages by Flake-to-preform Direct-recycling Technology”

“Top Super Nanox Refill”

“Beer Gift Carton: A Packaging Form that Reduces Discarded Material”

“Eco-friendly and User-friendly Six-can Pack for Beverages”

“Staple-free Hexagon Carton”

Packaging Idea Award

“Amino VITAL® Amino Shot”

“GOLDAYS Gel Splash / Charge Serum”

“Corrugated Cardboard that is Easy to Tape”

“Flower Vase Bag ver. Hybrid”


“Ukiyoe Puti Puti®”

“A Returnable Container that can be Packaged Regardless of the Inclination of the Monitor”

“EVOLTA NEO Dry Battery Type Package”

“Specification Improvement of Parcel Material for Wire Control”


Package Design Award

“meiji THE Chocolate 6COLLECTIONS Assorted package”

“KITKAT HALLOWEEN Box Caramel Pudding”

“Pola V Resonatic Cream”

“In-mold Labeled Tubes by Digital Printing and Half Vapor Deposition”

“Ikitel Series”

“Asahi Super Dry Special Gift Set”

“Light truck type display furniture”

Accessible Design Packaging Award

“Megmilk Snow Brand 6-pc. Cheese”

“Yakult Skin Clear Liquid”

“Minodronic Acid Tablet 50 mg ‘Sawai’”

“Merit Clear Skin Foam Shampoo”


Logistics Award

“Smart! One-Touch Box”

“525PET×24 simple opening and display (leaf cut)”

“New development! Perforation by Corrugator”

“Packaging that Shows a ‘Communication Robot’ with High-level Artificial Intelligence”

“Slip Master Development”

“Improvement of Packaging for Large Lithium-ion Batteries”

“Improvement of Packaging for Hybrid Car Batteries”

Food Packaging Award

“Easy Squeeze Pouch”

“Innobox ®”

“High Vegetable-content Japanese-style dressing (150ml, 300ml, 500ml)”

“Furifuri Shiokonbu” Plain / Garlic & Pepper


“MARUTO Light Shield Film”

“SEVEN PREMIUM Cooked Food in Pouch (environmentally-friendly package)”

“Snacks that Go Well with Sake”

“Dressing Bottle”

“Barrier Paper Tube Container for Food”

Confectionary Packaging Award

“Bottle Snack in a 350 mL Plastic Bottle”

『“LAKANTO CHOCOLATE” Beautifully Protected with Microflute!』

Beverage Packaging Award


“Spout for paper containers 26 hook-spout set”

“‘HOT LEMON’ 325 ml Heat-retaining PET Bottle”


Cosmetics Packaging Award

“Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate N”



“COSME DECORTE Point Makeup Series”

“Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Lipstick”

“Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask”

Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging Award

“One-hand operation cap bottle for dental adhesive”

“PTP Multifunctional Label”

Toiletry Packaging Award


“Blaune Hair Mascara”

“ICHIKAMI Hair Keep WASOU Stick”

Prédia “FANGO SHAMPOO Series”

“Nivea Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash”

“Je l’aime AMINO”

Daily Necessities and General Merchandise Packaging Award

“Attack Pro EX soap [with case]”

“Sawaday PINK PINK Stick ‘Blister tray for preventing rotation of glass’”


“Reed Petite Microwave Cooking Bags”

“Emergency Food Set with Table Function!”


“Quickle Wiper: 3D Adsorption Wet Sheet”

Gift Packaging Award


“Easy Flower Wrapping”

“Nara Strawberry Lab Kotoka, Awayuki, Pearl White gift package”

“Asahi Super Dry Ice Cooler Pack”

“Packaging that can be selected like clothes - KIMONO -”

POP Packaging Award

“Box of Seven ‘Hon-nama’ Experiences”

“Transporting Boxes and Floor Fixtures that can be Easily Set Up at a Store”

“Tube Display Box”



Transport Packaging Award

“‘Love to his wife pops out’ Ai-Sai-Da 6-pack case”

“La Sana mail order transport box”


“New Shape for the Upper Flap of a Re-closeable Box Top”

“PULPY (2 packs of 10 eggs) Smoker Carry-Box”

“Partitioned 4-Pack Strawberry Tray”

“A ‘Wholesale’ House ‘1kg Java Curry’ Tray”

“Styrofoam Box for Delicious Seared Katsuo Series”

“Toyo Shinyaku Co., Ltd. Yu-Pack Compatible Packaging”

“Returnable container with variable height adjustment”

“Easy Score Line”

“Variable Carton”

Electric Equipment Packaging Award

“Hair Iron NBS 1100”

“Golfer’s Laser Range Finder is Packaged More Compactly”

Industrial Packaging Award

“Cardboard pad that can fix faucet handles without touching their outside surface”

“Suspending type package without PP joint for POS resister”

“Returnable Box for Pipe Connector”

“Car Parts Tray”

“A Packing Case That Can Accommodate Various Grinding Wheels”

“Common packaging for Bill handling machine”

“Improvement in Specifications of Flat Glass Transport Packaging”

“Slimming of Air-conditioner Decorative Panel Packaging”

“Assembly packing with partition adjustment function for different length handles”

“Packing for exportation of elevator parts”

“All Stage High Loading Packaging Variable Stacking Pad for Cover Plate”

Large-sized Equipment Packaging Award

“Reusable Box for Train Parts”

“Lightweight one-way pallet ‘LOGIPALE’”

“Introduction of Returnable Packaging for Air-Conditioner Compressors that Achieves 3R”

“Development of a Steel Container Incorporating a Variable Structure”

“Returnable Box for Large Monitors”

“Just Assemble the Parts! Assemble-Packaging of Large Pleat Shape Products”

“All Corrugated Cardboard Suspension-Packaging for a One-Ton Rolled Product”

“Improvement of Packaging for Exporting the Rear-Axle Hub for a Forklift”

“Optimization of Packing by Utilizing Steel Containers”

“Conversion of Wooden Crating of Aluminum Bars for Export to HIPLE Packing”