Tokyo Pack 2018 will be held from Tuesday, October 2 to Friday, October 5 at Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 1-6.

The Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition (Tokyo Pack), held every two years since 1966, is celebrating its 27th event as the biggest gathering of international packaging industry representatives in Japan. Tokyo Pack is one of the largest trade shows in Asia and the international market. Vendors from across the world display their packaging materials, containers, machines, equipment and system solutions.

This year, 70 percent of the exhibition floor is dedicated to packaging materials and machines. Displays include the latest in converting machinery, food processing machinery, food and pharmaceutical processing machinery, inspection equipment, printing equipment, material handling equipment and package design. Exhibition week also includes other attractions such as seminars and display projects. Come and see how to improve your packaging power! Join us for this great event. Online pre-registration is open now!

Tokyo Pack 2018 is even bigger than before, featuring 699 vendors across 2607 booths! Category 1, Packaging Materials & Containers, has 143 vendors across 982 booths. Category 2, Packaging Machinery, has 98 vendors across 519 booths. Category 3, Printing & Converting Machinery, has 60 vendors across 314 booths. Category 4, Food, Pharmaceuticals & Clean Room Machinery, has 15 vendors across 58 booths. Category 5, Inspection and Measurement Equipment & Materials, has 43 vendors across 149 booths. Category 6, Packaging Design & Services, has 11 vendors across 19 booths. Category 7, Distribution and Logistics System Equipment & Services, has 19 vendors across 75 booths. Special Exhibition Project, Pharmaceutical Packaging Community Zone, has 15 groups across 10 booths. This yearfs new feature, Mail Order & Gift Packaging Zone, has 8 groups across 8 booths. Groups from China, Taiwan and South Korea include 143 vendors across 207 booths. Including PR, press, joint exhibitions and sponsor projects, the combined total is 699 vendors across 2607 booths.

Tokyo Pack 2018 is proud to host a comprehensive system exhibition of the industry with packaging materials, containers and machinery as the primary content, supplemented by pre-packaging categories including food, pharmaceutical and clean room machinery, and post-packaging categories including printing, converting, inspection, measuring, packaging design, distribution and logistics.

Category Number of Vendors Number of Booths
1. Packaging Materials & Containers 143 982
2. Packaging Machinery 98 519
3. Printing & Converting Machinery 60 314
4. Food, Pharmaceuticals & Clean Room Machinery 15 58
5. Inspection and Measurement Equipment & Materials 43 149
6. Packaging Design & Services 11 19
7. Distribution and Logistics System Equipment & Services 19 75
Pharmaceutical Packaging Community Zone 15 10
Mail Order & Gift Packaging Zone 8 8
PR & Press 33 36
Joint Exhibitions 72 -
Total 517 2170
Groups from South Korea, China & Taiwan 143 207
Sponsor Projects (PDP MH Seminar Hall) 39 230
Combined Total 699 2607

Tokyo Pack 2018 has five key topics: environmental awareness, food issues, international marketplace, labor shortage and improving production.

Environmental awareness starts with recognition of global warming and waste issues, including progressive discussion about the important role of the packaging industry in relation to environmental problems, as the industry moves to speedily meet the demand for low-energy and recyclable packaging. Recent updates in European recycling technology and laws against single-use plastics have led to increased awareness inside Japan, especially within the retail and food service industries.

Food issues include regional disasters caused by worldwide changes in weather, the possibility of an unstable food supply in the future and the current domestic issue of food loss. High expectations exist for an increased focus on technology to extend shelf life and expiration dates to address food loss.

As the production base becomes more globalized, developing nations enter the market and corporations build their alliances. JPI is working on a new trial collaboration with SMRJ (Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN) to match experts with vendors and visitors who are concerned or experiencing problems concerning overseas expansion. Free advice is available in East Hall 4.

The packaging industry as a whole is affected by a growing labor shortage, with increasing demand for reducing labor, conserving manpower and robotization. Rapid improvements are being made in sensors, video monitoring and dexterous grippers. The newest technologies and robotics are expected to be combined to significantly improve manufacturing.

Many of the displays at this yearfs exhibition address the latest developments in these five key topics.

Tokyo Pack 2018 will also host seminars and sponsor projects during the week to contribute to improving attendee packaging power. Please visit our homepage for more information about the seminars:

All seminars are free admission.

Herefs a preview of this yearfs special attractions:


See all the best selections from our annual Japan Packaging Contest! Winning entries are strictly judged across categories including tech, design, environment, originality and appropriateness to find the freshest, most elite packaging in Japan!


The winners of JPIfs annual Kinoshita Awards are on display! Come see the outstanding innovations that passed the strict demands of the 42nd Kinoshita Awards!

Project 2030: Predict the Future of Packaging

Preview the potential of the future! Explore an ideal vision of the packaging industry in 2030, based on analysis performed in cooperation with the JCPPC (Japan Certified Packaging Professional Club).

Displays discuss both the history and future of packaging from the four perspectives of food loss, sustainability, lifestyle and packaging tech. Watch a visionary short movie featuring our predictions based on highlights from the display timeline and see the real technology that will make these productions possible.

Package Design Pavilion

Package design serves a vital role as the face of products and is growing in importance every year. From a marketing perspective, good design attracts consumers and leads directly to sales. The Package Design Pavilion is a one-stop paradise for designers and companies to make connections, Discover fresh new designs that bring added value and find ideas to increase sales.

More sponsor projects:

Pharmaceutical Packaging Community Zone, Mail Order & Gift Packaging Zone, Material Handling Pavilion, Meiji Restoration 150th Anniversary & History of Packaging, Intellectual Property Free Advice Corner, Packaging Advice (Q&A Corner)