June 2015

On Assuming JPI Presidency

Shigetaro ASANO
Japan Packaging Institute
(Chairman of Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.)

As the new president of the Japan Packaging Institute (JPI), succeeding the former president Motoki Ozaki, I would like to express my heartfelt greetings to you all. While it is a great honor to assume this position, I cannot help but feel immense responsibilities when the social significance of packaging is under increasing public scrutiny. I am therefore determined to do my utmost to further the development of our operations while seeking continued assistance and understanding of the JPI members and all the parties concerned.

As you all know, packaging today is undergoing great changes amidst the turbulent tide of rapid changes in lifestyle, dwindling birth rate, and an aging population. In the face of these challenges, we must aim for safe packaging for everybody and such packaging conducive to the formation of a sustainable society. During the tenure of the former president Ozaki, the JPI has engaged in active undertakings toward these goals, promoting the understanding on the part of enterprises about the relation of their packaging to their social responsibilities. Also, special emphasis has always been on the development and improvement of packaging in such a manner as to meet the needs of society.

So I will take over these great works having been led by the former president Ozaski and carry out our main missions of promoting proper packaging and fostering human resources shouldering the next generation of packaging. The effort must be directed to realize highly evolved packaging in response to social needs. And our wisdom must be concentrated to strengthen our public benefit service. We must endeavor to structure a rich society and an energetic packaging industry.

I will tackle these heavy responsibilities by getting assistance and guidance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, other related government ministries and agencies, related organizations and their officials, and especially all the JPI members.

So let us work together, renewing our determination for the further advance of packaging.