Activity Policy for Fiscal 2018

Japan Packaging Institute

Supported by a steady increase in business performance, Japanfs economy continues to show moderate but stable growth. However, we can still barely feel the economic recovery. The top priority for the packaging industry this year is to further address specific policies established as a growth strategy and materialize a recovery that everyone can actually feel as we move toward economic revitalization and leave deflation behind.

Under such circumstances, the packaging industry of Japan must enhance its international competitiveness and also contribute to the current challenges including sustainability and Industry 4.0. We must do so by taking advantage of our technological power and wide range of expertise that have so far been built and further develop more advanced packaging that meets the changes and demands of society for the future.

The Japan Packaging Institute will further improve business with the responsibility and awareness of a public service corporation. The Institute will promote the spread of the knowledge and technology of packaging, which is the core business, and the development of human resources who will lead the next generation. The Institute will also work to create an affluent society and materialize a vital packaging industry.

In particular, the Tokyo Pack 2018 will be held this year. The Institute will promote the contents and operation appropriate for an international exhibition which represents the world and also contributes to the global development of the packaging industry.

In light of the above, the Institute will focus on the following:

1. Approaches in support of advanced packaging and technological development

As for Industry 4.0, which is drawing attention as the innovative manufacturing industry centering on ICT and IoT, approaches have been established in a variety of areas.

For such approaches, the Institute will support the advanced application and development of packaging technology, considering the future of our member companies from the perspective of packaging, and contribute to the emergence of new packaging business.

2. Support responding to packaging as corporate compliance

Recently, packaging has had an increased need for corporate compliance, which has grown in importance, considering the social needs of diverse people in diverse usage environments.

Examples of these needs include the recent demands of society such as safe and secure food as well as reducing wasted food. We provide solutions to extend the quality preservation periods and expiration dates; increase individualized packaging; reduce damage during transportation; and select appropriate packaging material.

There are a variety of requirements for product solutions that society is still waiting for.

This year, we will promote sharing the supply of information, and approaches to, such corporate compliance and the relevant development of packaging technology.

3. Support for qualitative progress and content improvement in the packaging education business

With the changes in society and economy, packaging is more and more diversified and advanced, and there is urgent need to develop outstanding human resources capable of addressing such changes.

The Institute will work to further improve the quality and content of the packaging education business including the courses for JPI Packaging Consultant and the Packaging Academy, which is one of the central pillars for the Institutefs business. We will thereby promote developing advanced packaging technology and educating the creative human resources who can contribute to creating new values.

In addition, the business will contribute to the vitalization and technological improvement of the regional packaging industry through community-based business activities, such as seminars and workshops, cooperating with the nationwide branches.

4. Approaches to packaging globalization

For growth on a global basis, the packaging industry of Japan must go beyond enhancing our own technological advantages to also develop products and packaging that meet overseas demand in order to enhance further value.

The Institute is acting in cooperation with packaging organizations abroad as a member of the Asian Packaging Federation (APF) and the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). We will also strengthen our cooperation with the packaging industry abroad, and work to spread the packaging technology useful on-site.

In addition, the Institute works as an international bureau of ISO/TC 122 (packaging) in ISO standardization. We will enhance and promote standardization activities by clearly presenting Japanfs perspective on the global standard through approaches to international standardization and rulemaking in packaging.

5. Toward success in Tokyo Pack 2018 and creating a dynamic packaging industry

The Tokyo Pack (Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition) 2018 to be held in October this year will be the 27th Tokyo Pack.

We will work to create an exhibition appropriate for the worldfs largest international packaging exhibition that disseminates the advanced packaging technology of Japan to the world and enables information exchange on a global basis.

In addition, the Institute will supply information on the world trends and leading-edge technology to consider the next generation packaging. We will contribute to the vital development of the packaging industry and enhancement of our society while also doing our best to expand opportunities to promote international understanding.