Japan Packaging Institute

Activity Policy for 2016

Last year, a variety of approaches of Abenomics, the economic policies of Prime Minister Abe, demonstrated improvement after many years of a sense of stagnation and deflation. However, although the economy improved in terms of numerical data, the improvement we really sensed was less effective. Given the economy and social environment surrounding Japan and abroad, there is now even greater uncertainty about the future. This year, our priority above all is to pursue policies leading to growth prospects, such as promoting structural reforms and regional revitalization that stimulate innovation in the private sector, to present a clear vision of future prospects.

Under such circumstances, the packaging industry must appropriately respond to greater sophistication and diversity by taking advantage of its technological power and expertise that have so far been built, thereby materializing packaging that is safe and reliable for everyone and contributing to creating a sustainable society.

In particular, in order to meet the recent demands of society such as safe and secure food as well as saving food, extending the quality preservation periods and expiration dates and further, the appropriate selection of packaging materials with functions such as convenience and visibility, are required. Therefore, advanced technological development will be required to address such demands. Moreover, amid the ongoing globalization of society, it seems that the packaging industry will be required to become more and more aware of overseas expansion in the future.

In view of such circumstances, the Japan Packaging Institute will work to address more advanced packaging that meets the demands of society. The Institute will gather together the best and brightest, concentrate on promoting and reinforcing public services, and work to create an affluent society and to materialize a vital packaging industry. In particular, this year when the Tokyo Pack (Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition) is to be held in October, the Institute will mobilize all available resources of the packaging industry of Japan to hold the exhibition with content and administration for the next generation. The Institute will take all possible measures for the exhibition to contribute to the vigorous development of the packaging industry, enhance the quality of life in society, and further promote mutual international understanding.

In light of the above, the Institute will focus on the following matters:

1. Developing packaging that will contribute to a sustainable society

Last year, the United Nations adopted the gSustainable Development Goals (SDGs)h as a guide to the future and specifically raised issues such as reducing food loss and drastically reducing the amount of waste discharged. While recognizing how the world operates, we work together with consumers as well as academia, industry and government to move forward together on the problems that should be addressed by the packaging industry, such as setting appropriate capacity, extending expiration dates and quality preservation periods, and further reinforcing the 3Rs (reuse, reduce and recycle).

2. Promoting research and development of advanced packaging technology that matches our changing society

The environment surrounding packaging has undergone massive changes thanks to improvements in information and communication technology (ICT), and the acceleration of businesses utilizing IoT, as well as ongoing globalization. To respond to such changes, the Institute will promote developing new technology and products to serve as global standards, and contribute to safe food in the world and conserving our global environment. In addition, the Institute will further develop the advantageous core technology of each company, aggressively promote high technology packaging, and contribute to the emergence of new packaging business.

3. Appropriate response to globalization of packaging activities

For growth on a global basis, the packaging industry of Japan must enhance its own technology advantages, and contribute to developing and producing products that meet local needs through introducing and utilizing the packaging technology of Japan. This year is the 11th year of the Institutefs work as an international bureau of ISO/TC 122 (packaging). We will further enhance approaches to international standardization and rulemaking in packaging, and also promote activities on a global basis by clearly presenting Japanfs perspective to the world.

4. Qualitative progress of the Institutefs business and increasing members

In order to promote the further growth of the Institute as a public service corporation, the Institute will work to qualitatively improve, and improve the content of, its current business, and also endeavor to further proceed to mutual training, education and information exchanges among members through timely activities in cooperation with our branch offices, which will lead to increasing members. In particular, we will focus on advanced and qualitatively improved human resource development to promote the development of creative human resources on a nationwide scale. They will be the next generation and contribute to creating new values.

5. Toward success in Tokyo Pack 2016 and continuing a dynamic packaging industry

The Tokyo Pack 2016 (Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition 2016) to be held in October this year will be the 26th Tokyo Pack. With content and administration appropriate to an international packaging exhibition that disseminates the advanced packaging technology of Japan to the world, looking ahead to the next generation and predicting the trends of the near future, we will contribute to the vital development of the packaging industry and enhancement of our society while also doing our best to expand opportunities to promote mutual international understanding.